Sarah Pomponi

I Empower Women To Create Wealth With Impact From Anywhere-Using Their OWN Brand

Meet Sarah Pomponi, the visionary behind Mompreneurs Unleashed: From Passion to Profit. Sarah’s journey from a small-town girl to a thriving entrepreneur in Chicago is a testament to her belief that every mom has the potential to turn passion into prosperity. As a mother of three and the co-founder of a private medical practice, Sarah understands the unique challenges and joys that come with balancing family life with entrepreneurial aspirations. Her mission is clear: to empower moms to embrace their inner entrepreneur and discover financial freedom through innovative digital marketing strategies.

Sarah’s passion for connecting and growing with other like-minded women fuels this summit. Her own experiences—from battling personal health challenges to conquering the business world—have taught her that resilience, faith, and a strong community are keys to success. At "Mompreneurs Unleashed," she brings together industry experts and successful mompreneurs to share their knowledge and inspire you to achieve greatness. Join Sarah and an extraordinary lineup of speakers as they guide you on a journey of growth, impact, and abundance—all tailored for the mom ready to make her mark on the world.